Brexit: It’s over, bye-bye

And Boris said: Let there be light! And there was light that Friday evening in a small part of London. Some government buildings in the Westminister: dipped in blue-red-white colors. The black brick facade of 10 Downing Street: projection surface for a huge countdown that jumped to zero at 11 p.m. – midnight in the rest of Europe. And 200 meters further floodlight masts, which impressively brought out a sea of ​​British, occasionally also American flags.

For example, 47 years after accession, 1317 days after the Brexit referendum, the United Kingdom’s membership in the European Union ended on Saturday night. As a play of colors, to which “God Save The Queen” and “Rule Britannia” were sung all over the country, “We won’t get fooled again” by The Who. A fitting final chord. Not triumphant. Yet pompous enough for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the great British magician, and his admirers. However, it is not yet clear what significance this light show will one day receive. Maybe at some point they will really be seen as the bright start of an amazing national solo effort.

Or maybe just as another illusion in the long history of Brexit. It would not be the first.